It was additionally touted as “the most environmentally friendly iPod Apple has ever made”, containing arsenic -free glass and a BFR -, mercury -, and PVC -free design. Apple hardware before The iconic Apple logo and iPod branding are stamped on the back of the product along with the 2GB label. These are considered fourth-generation models along with iPod Click Wheel. XP iTunes 10 or later. The update also added a better fitness app , which had a better pedometer split into walking and running style.

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It is possible to purchase most other brands at a lower price.

Apple iPod Nano 1st Generation White 2gb Model A1137

Skip to main content. Example, I just purchased a Honda Fit. The capacity of the drive is engraved on the front USB connector.

My conclusion then and to this day is that Apple makes an MP3 Player that beats the rest in every aspect. The sleek black design isn’t the only appealing feature. As an MP3 player though, its very good.

On November 11,Apple announced the iPod Nano 1st generation Replacement Program, intended to address concerns over overheating batteries. Its taller screen when compared to iPod nano 4th generation Its polished anodized aluminum finish The inclusion of a camera and microphone on the back of the device The iPod nano 5th generation comes in nine colors.


It included a new voice recording feature which started automatically when an Apple compatible microphone is plugged in.

But you are definitely getting more for your money when you buy the Ipld for 50 bucks or so more. On October 6,Apple released a firmware update 1. Will small size mean big sales?

Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated. In the text below the engraving, look for the model number. Classic Mini Nano Shuffle Touch 5th 6th.

Apple iPod nano 1st Generation Black (2 GB)

This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat This allows me to plug my Ipod into the car’s sterio and search through my song using voice prompts! It’s as essential as my cell phone and Metro Card. Apple updated the Nano again on September 5, Retrieved November 15, Retrieved December 21, USB FireWire for charging only. You don’t have to worry about your nano dying on you mid-song, mid-workout, or midday. New software functionality includes a “Screen Lock” security feature, a stopwatch, and a “world clock”.


iPod Nano 1st Generation Repair – iFixit

Retrieved on August 19, I shopped around trying out all the available brands at the time. I’ve had a chance to play around with this for a few days now, and while I am a huge fan of the iPod Nano, it will not be replacing my 20GB iPod Photo anytime soon.

Many reported fine scratches on Nanos, caused by microfiber cloths. Available in a two-tone housing with either a “iBook white” front and a chromed stainless steel back or a “gloss Black” front and a chromed stainless steel back.

I can load several hundred songs, and have enough music to listen to all day while I’m working. Most relevant reviews See all reviews. The hard-drive size is engraved on back of the device The Click Wheel text color applw the color of the device. All have a glossier, shinier finish than the fourth generation.

Development work on the design of the iPod Nano started only nine months before its launch date.