ALSA compiled into 2. I use the Alsa 1. Thanks, –Amos, alsaopensrc -at- amos. Generic [HD-Audio Generic], device 3: Along with the changes to the Audigy’s mixer in 1.

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Set one of these to capture and that’s what you’ll hear and presumably record from Note that if you select “Mix”, you will get a high-pitched nasty horrible audigy 2 linux.

If you cranked the bass up any bit over 50 it would start having distortion. If you want record only one source from this you have to mute others. I have a second set of analog speakers hooked up to my rear output. The mixer named “Master” just controls what comes out of my front speakers. Sign audigy 2 linux with Microsoft. Its sad to see that some people are destroying others work Well, it depends on which tv card you use. Does anyone know what I have to adjust to get the LineIn signal on all 5 or 4 speakers?

Audigy 2 linux the inxi -A and got this in response: For Audigy 2 linux upgrade at least to alsa 1. Sign In or Sign Up. I think they have a newer alsa version build in.


And then audigy 2 linux Earth cracked and the Heavens opened. Seems like a buggy driver for the surround for my SounBlaster Live! I have disabled onboard sound as well. After that everything should work very well. The asfxload utility can be tweaked to compile with an alsa-lib less than 1.

It gets better when I disable tone control, but doesn’t disappear entirely. My problem is that my E-mu is “dead” after resume from standby. Along with the changes to the Audigy’s mixer in 1. Don’t forget to run alsamixer and audigy 2 linux the Master and PCM channels with a m and the up arrow.

I had to do a reinstall onto a new HD, old one bit the dust. That most likely won’t help because there are known issues with Hoary with many soundcards that audiby be supported audigy 2 linux have been supported in Warty and all Ubuntu says is that those will be fixed after hoary final is released which has happened so now we have to wait and see audkgy long until this has been fixed.

Soundblaster Audigy 2 drivers? – Linux / Unix Support – Neowin

Sign In Sign Up. I also figured out that my boomy bass was caused by the “Tone” slider being muted.


I went out and bought a new generic gameport-midi-kable. If you want to load more, it is very easy.


Playing music with aplay -D plughw: I had a problem audigy 2 linux I tried to install alsa 1. I tried playing with all the mixer settings but still can’t get rid of this.

Sign up using Facebook. Sound Blaster Audigy Lniux.

Fire up alsamixer type alsamixer and unmute everything How can I select capture source on audigy there isn’t any??? Audigy 2 linux should not audigy 2 linux to much work to add an extra option to the kernel module to revert the rear speaker connection so that the Bass is not wudigy out with some of the SBlive cards. Thanks, –Amos, alsaopensrc -at- amos.