To get it working you need V4Lv2 support, what app you are using to watch TV? You need to recover the actual RC5 bits out of the oversampled IR sensor bits. The pointer to the struct device will be returned from the call. Note also that the classdev retains a reference count on dev, so dev too will remain for as long as the transport class device remains around. When woken, the thread will run: On failure to register a driver, all previously registered drivers will be unregistered.

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Using without lircd 5. Remove a previously queued callback from the ccx2388. There is a bug nobody has found so far. A return value of false indicates the fence already passed, or some failure occurred that made it impossible to enable signaling.

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Find the latest devres of dev associated with release and for which match returns 1. Buses can plug into each other. It is assumed the caller directly or indirectly holds a reference to the fence, otherwise kernrl fence might be freed before return, resulting in undefined behavior. IOW, only currently pending or running work items on wq can queue further work items on it.


V4L/DVB (13090): cx25840: Init PLLs properly for CX2388[578] A/V cores [Linux 2.6.33]

Did you also try iernel current kernel 3. Retrieved from ” https: This happens in two clean steps – initialize the device and add it to the system. Drivers are unregistered in the reverse order in which they were registered. This function increments the reference counter of the card instance if an associated instance with the given minor number and type is found. Atomically subtracts i from v and returns v – i.

Can be used in different ways by different fence implementers, so do not rely on this. If there is no memory oernel allocate a new parport structure, this function will return NULL. Never use yield as a progress guarantee!! This sets the inactivity timeout for a particular device on a port.

Once drivers are known objects within the c2x388, however, a number of other things become possible. Open a new devres group for dev with id. So it can only be used for triggering events. Whine if it takes too long. If a compatible pair is found, break xc2388 and return. When mask is non-zero, only the elements corresponding to bit 1 are evaluated. The result must be freed by the caller with kfree.


It is good manners for the driver to try to release the port at the earliest opportunity after its preemption callback rejects a preemption attempt. This also takes the global link rw lock or rw sem cc2388, too, for avoiding the race with linked streams.

This function creates a simple platform device that requires minimal resource and memory management.

Register devres res to dev. The return value is 0 if the peripheral has accepted the negotiation to the mode specified, -1 if the peripheral is not IEEE compliant or not presentor 1 if the peripheral has rejected the negotiation.

Cx2838 you still want to use yielddo not! Should be called from user context where sleeping is allowed. This routine is called from mptbase. Returns negative errno on error, or zero for success.

cx238 If the callback returns non-zero and a reference to the current device can be obtained, this function will return to the caller and not iterate over any more devices.