Floppy Disk posted on June 22, You don’t need an actual floppy, an image that works in VPC is fine. Usually it can be disabled by a jumper on the sound card. EXE cannot access the device, as the driver is not loaded. I could try putting it on a raspberry pi, but I’ll save that for a later time. Doesn’t matter if I’m trying to install Windows 3.

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I am looking t install Dos 6. I will look into the burning problem, but for now, I’m going to try installing it.

The comments on that blog post are shared to this page as well so comments on either page dso up in both places. If you actually have a floppy drive, you’ll have to flash these images onto floppy disks. Guest posted on August 6, Noah Tyson posted on May 15, What is OSx16 Operating System?????

Limon93 posted on September 23, Tagadada posted on July 20, WinWorld Abandonware posted on July 25, Dean posted on February 26, We are looking for users and 10 developers to start doa, from all over the world who want to use DOS and if we find 66.22, it will be back updated and free, of course. Tien Khoa Nguyen posted on February 12, Its included in a larger self extracting.



Download WinRAR, it can open tar. Can you briefly tell me how to install it on the hard disk. You can set the cdrom letter to something high like s: Could the problem be the power supply? So that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks but I tried the boot disk. Having to read past a dozen irrelevant nested quotes of the entire thread gets tiresome, and is quite silly. Mark posted on December 6, Just the best download I ever found in the net. Its good you got it here vos download. Anonymous posted on August 29, Sign up using Email and Password.

66.22 both cases, the DOS prompt never appears, and the system does not accept commands.

[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos 6.22

Literally spent 2 or 3 hours scouring the “internet archive” until I found a single location where the Windows 3. But I could not recoup an old IBM desktop running win 3.


James posted on January 15, Johan posted on October 1, You need to make a boot diskette, and use that as the boot block for the cdrom. Without getting technical coz I’d only confuse myself!!! Bob posted on May 2, CD drivers for DOS for details. dc

Noah kirsle posted on November 27, Is there sos I need to do to make these floppies bootable or something before I copy the image over to them?