I listened to the suggestion, and tried it out by installing a LAMP stack on one of my computers at home. Plug and play works great though..! Jun 4, Posts: Oh, I missed this thread. Quarantine Messed up graphics just like Ultima 7 Star Trek: It also runs an openvpn vpn server, which allows me to bypass the site filter they have set up at school. Select all files and uncheck Read Only.

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Still good for playing around with though.

Drivers For Free – Lenovo Notebook G Drivers

Zip ties are your friends. Our server is fairly clean looking more so than my computer: I use it for backing up the 2 Ubuntu based laptops and 2 Windows XP based desktops, testing web sites and network programming projects that I do.

It also runs an openvpn v500 server, which allows me to bypass the site filter they have set up at school. Outputs results from various things in nice graphs you can view with a web-browser. Use it w2m a FTP server b Twonkymedia server laptops, xbox c Back up for all the comps in the house.

Can/Should I go to W2k?

I have everything in the walk-in closet of my office back bedroom. This brings to mind the next question – why have so many other computers?


I share a house with a die hard windows user and simply allows us to share printers. That computer is called the Linux beast. Not sure if this counts DLL” Click q2k “Advanced” tab. I have many ocasions where asian drivers have done things at driving that makes me think about their ability to drive stereotype of asian drivers Stereotyping of AsianAmericans happens.

Nov 11, Posts: That fan is no longer in use, and I’m thinking of instead cutting up the faceplate and adding two large mm fans to cool the entire machine instead. And all thanks to playing around at home And w22k Ubuntu Linux. COM and go to the Memory tab.

D Now, there’s one thing that’s preventing me from dumping windows alltogether. On average the uptime is about months.

HAHA yes iv moved out now lol here are all my computers yes i no there not as g00 as all of your rackmount servers etc but myn does the trick p. I have SSH and apache up on it, but since I’m on my families network, my mum usually gets jumpy about me lagging the network, so it’s usually offline.

Show Us Your Server [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I’m thinking of building a wooden storage box for them Why do you need a server home. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Mar 5, Posts: And that’s the second thing, q2k no limit to what I do with it.


If you have a router that has USB connections or printers that have ethernet connections then you are correctbut most routers do not have USB connections and most printers people use in their homes do not have an ethernet connection.

W2j Covert Operations Detects Windows 5. Here’s my rackmount, I need to get a new hard drive for it and thus don’t run it right now.

Agreed, you can use any one of your pc’s as a central repo. Most web hosting services I have seen also have a datalimiter, requiring g5000 to pay more the more content and traffic you have.

Nikon Coolpix P Dec 26, If my friend would let me borrow Worms I’m sure I could get it to work.