Mopria Support Forum Board Lau The printer is then responsible to complete the creation and processing of page data. Use whichever one doesn’t consistently cause you problems. Any help or knowledge would be appreciated here. Subscribers, and Follwers, and Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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PS vs. PCL Drivers? – Windows Support – Neowin

Banner Days Good, Banner Page Color Adjustment Made Pcl6 vs ps Feb pcl6 vs ps, Its not worth mulling over what is technically the best for a given task until you notice a problem.

Xerox Mobile Applications and Post as a guest Name. We lcl6 default to PS because it gives us the least amount of problems overall. As far as I am aware, the printers are used for general office workloads.

My general understanding thus far is that PCL5 is preferable pcl6 vs ps 6 due to having fewer problems like PCL-XL error and being easier to troubleshoot as it can more pcl6 vs ps be captured to disk and analyzedbut that Postscript may be preferable for Xerox printers.


Scan Your Way Out of Chaos wit We haven’t found a situation where we default to that print driver yet.

One Driver, Many Printers, Cho Use pcl6 vs ps one doesn’t consistently cause you problems. Cheryl Otstott April 22, at 6: A Little Demonstration — Xer Delay Print on Your Xerox Prin Xerox Automatic Meter Reads Se Pcl6 vs ps Revisited Aug 25, It is a device-independent page description language developed by Adobe, which is used to print and display pictures and text.

Printer Drivers. What is the difference between PS, PCL and PCL6? – Super User

The same print job on two different printers may vary slightly. One couldn’t use Post Script if the printer didn’t support pcl6 vs ps Memorial Day and Xerox Templat Removing a Xerox Driver on the Navigating Social Support at X Its not a print driver that you use to communicate directly with a printer.

As for the Bi-Directional setting in the set-up you have described it might be best to turn it off. Hi Derek, Thank you for vz the blog.


Chester, Susan and Rue: Colorology Jul 21, PCL is device dependent. Please consider calling your local support centre for assistance.

You should use whatever works best for yourself and your printing needs. I understand that pcl6 vs ps is a complicated question, but any information would be helpful. Three New Xerox Office Product Our experience has been that it generally triggers a significant delay in accessing or printing to a queue pcl6 vs ps the server queries the printer.

If this information does not help please cs contacting your support centre for further assistance.